Business Introduction
The following are the main areas in which Cache Real can seek mutual cooperation with foreign companies intending to do business in Mainland China. Let us seek win-win cooperation and open the China market together.

Research and Consulting
China's wireless market research and consulting services: Cache Real holds multiple significant advantages in this aspect: A highly professional research team, the leading WAP website data collection and analysis tool and a diverse library of information sources. Allowing Cache Real to produce the highest quality customer tailored reports regarding China’s wireless and mobile markets.
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Marketing and Sales
Marketing and Sales of foreign mobile value added services in Mainland China:
Cache Real has been involved in this business for many years and has established strong and friendly relationships with various giants in the market. This includes the 3 major carriers: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, as well as multiple handset manufacturers and 3rd party platforms. In a market where relationships may make or break the deal, this becomes are invaluable advantage.
Cache Real is also able to efficiently repackage said products to match the characteristics and demand of the local markets. Using our market know how and research, Cache Real can then select and carry out the most effective marketing strategies in order to achieve the greatest results.

Android applications
Import, export and repackaging of Android products:
Cache Real possess a large number of high quality Android products which could develop a strong market base in foreign markets as well. These include e-books, various software and mobile themes; they are compatible with all handsets running on Android 1.0 and higher. We are currently seeking partners in bringing our products to the rest of the world as well. Cache Real is very flexible and able to provide the said products in various languages and conduct other modifications based on your needs.

Outsourcing and Development
Application development and Mobile related outsourcing:
Cache Real has significant experience in developing software for overseas clients and have a solid understanding of customer demands and behavior in various foreign markets. Cache Real has built a solid organization from staff to management levels with a focus on efficiency and creativity. Products can be developed at a fraction of the cost on home soil without a drop in quality. We aim to provide high quality, trustworthy services and products to our customers based on their specifications.