About Us
What is the meaning behind the name “Cache Real?”

The name Cache Real refers to hidden treasures of gold. Cache (pronounced cash) is a hidden storage space used for money or other valuable items, similar to a treasure chest. Several centuries ago in Spain, the real (meaning royal) was a reference to gold and today is the official currency of the country. Our company views the largely untapped Chinese markets as hidden treasures of gold and hope to find and share these riches with our clients.

What services does Cache Real provide?

Cache Real is involved in a wide range of wireless entertainment, value added services and internet related services. These include research, web games, social networking, mobile applications, e-books and many others.
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What are Cache Real’s strengths?

Our greatest asset is our knowledge and experience in working with the China market. From connections to understanding regulations to the movement of money, Cache Real has the expertise and a track record of success where so many other companies have failed. Our management teams has over 10 years of experience working in the internet field in China and have developed invaluable relations over time. This is especially important in China where connections may be the deciding factor of making or breaking a deal. Currently, China is the most rapidly changing country and the internet field is especially subject to ever-changing regulations and rules which alter the playing field on a day by day basis. We are up-to-date with these regulation changes and through our research and experience are often able to predict and adapt to them before they are even implemented. Finally, Cache Real was setup in Hong Kong in order to facilitate the easy movement of money through the borders, investment into China is tightly regulated and often a major barrier for many foreign companies. With Cache Real, we free you from having to worry about this problem and allow you to focus on your business instead.